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Easy and Effective Ways to Breakthrough your Old Workout

You might have always heard the importance of tracking your progress right? Just thinking of the impending sensation of victory serves as the motivation for people to keep on going no matter how difficult the workout routines. With the passion to make your fitness goals come true, we dedicatedly give our 100% effort in everything we do just to acquire positive results. However, as time goes by, we tend to be relaxed and get accustomed to the things we regularly do – it is in our human nature after all.

In our fitness journey, there will come a day wherein our motivation is waning. The feeling of excitement to leap out of the bed and head to the gym will be less than we have before. The days when you are so fired up and giddy turns to be tiring and not stimulating anymore. This phenomenon is what we call a “Workout Plateau”. It refers to the in-out feeling we may experience in working out. Even you have been dedicated to your fitness plan, you may notice that there seems to be amiss – like there’s no result at all or you are at the same level as before. Once you’ve convinced yourself that there is no progress, plus fueled by the feeling of disappointment, it may lead you to stop working out altogether.

So how can you battle out such a challenge? What can you do when your routines are starting to lose their luster and you don’t feel doing them anymore? Should you just give up and completely say goodbye to your fitness goals? You are not alone. Other people have experienced the same situation and had overcome it – which you can also do too!

How to Upgrade and Fix your Workout Plateau

Anyone, regardless of the fitness level, can possibly experience the plateau. Though there is nothing wrong in sticking to your fitness plan, but every now and then, you need to refresh your routine. During the early stages of your workout, the results are quite noticeable. So no matter how hard, you tend to push yourself in completing the training plan. But once you get the hang of things, your exercise routines become easier to do until it becomes ineffective and the results stop coming. Why? It is because your body has already mastered the movements of your exercise so there is no more room for challenge and adjustments in the sequence of your workout. That is why you need to break it because your body is looking for a new chance to adapt and level-up rather than doing the same routine repetitively.


Let us help you bring back the fun and kill the boredom that is ruining your fitness training plan with these effective ways!


Edit your Workout Pattern

Imagine eating your favorite dish for a whole day of an entire month. It will be an exact same meal for morning, lunch and dinner or even for your snack time.   Are you up for it? You might savor the meal for the first couple of days wherein every spoonful is considered delicious. But after a few weeks, you find it bland, or worse, sickening to see because you’ve had so much of it already that you want to eat any meal except that.

Same goes for your exercise. You’ve been doing the same routines or nearly identical moves for months so your body somehow can anticipate the entire sequence. Nothing to put you into action because you’ve been doing it for quite a long time already so exercising is more of in a relaxed mode. Since there is too much predictability in your workout, it is not just your engagement that drops but your dedication and level of effort are also affected. You have to change the order of your exercise so it will keep you engaged with new moves. By doing unfamiliar routines and constantly surprising your body with new challenges, you can overcome the monotony in your workout plan.


Find a New Spot (plus wear a new outfit too!)

What you wear and the place where you exercise also matters because the environment can influence your workout. Though there is nothing wrong if you want to workout in the comfort of your home, going to the gym or exercising outside gives you wider possibilities that are beneficial for your fitness. Aside from having the guidance and support from trainers, you can get inspiration and a sense of good competition from the people around you. So when you go to a gym, it is a good point to find someone who can positively influence your exercise. The more you exercise alongside with that individual, the more you desire to push yourself to work harder. Rather than randomly selecting the gym and your workout spot, choose your workout buddy or neighbor. Plus get an added bonus of increasing your social circle.

You also have to select your workout clothes that will not hinder your movements. However, a new workout outfit can also affect how you feel since there is an established connection between clothes and your mood. It is important to wear comfy clothes but it must be appropriate and can keep up with your exercise.


Level-up your Game

Whenever you finish a routine, there will always be a sense of accomplishment.  But doing it over and over again can get boring thus having the tendency to slack off. You need to mix it up by trying out a new move. Challenge yourself with new routines like increasing the weights and reps to your strength training, incorporate bilateral movements such as lunges to your usual squats routine and level-up the intensity of your training. However, it is recommended to consult your trainer for more specific instructions with the changes you’re planning to do.

You can also change not just your pace and workout routine, but also try group workout if you are working alone or go solo if you have been always in a group workout. It will definitely challenge your strength and endurance in a different way. Also, you’ll be able to test your ability to self-motivate if you are going solo for the first time.

Want to know another fun fact that can level-up your workout? Try listening to new music that can boost your confidence, make you groove and feel good while performing your exercise. New workout playlist will definitely add fun to your old routine!


Re-Assess your Fitness Goals

Your aim is to revitalize your old routine so you can continue making progress. In order to accomplish that mission, you have to go down a memory lane to check what you have done and what you have gained so far. At the early stage of your fitness, you have set fitness goals and once you’ve crossed out that objective after completing it, don’t lose focus and keep on creating new goals. Find new objectives that will interest you to keep going.

However, there are three things you must keep in mind. First, make subtle changes. Second, focus on your weakness so you can determine which part of your routine needs to be upgraded. And lastly, know the right time to change your current workout plan. You don’t necessarily need to switch routines abruptly. It actually takes around 6 weeks for the body to get accustomed to your workout because it undergoes anatomical adaptation for it to learn or master the movements. Plus you have to monitor and track the results in your current stage before going beyond for a bigger leap.


So try one, two or all of these tips we’ve shared so you can break out your usual routine. They are designed to effectively upgrade your fitness program and easily beat the workout plateau. Don’t restrain yourself inside a box. Keep moving forward as you go out of your comfort zone!


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